Записи с темой: Путешествия (список заголовков)

朝視~2017年12月24日 昼3時ごろ(日曜日)

 A butterfly appeared flattering under the young but terribly gnarled tree, her fragile wings sending as if reflected worm sunrays all around. In a blink though there was no butterfly anymore, a girl in a light blue long dress was sitting on the gentle grass leaning her back on the tree. Her face was said but calm. She was looking at the flowing in the distance river.
 Again Tomomi was here. She liked it here. She liked the silence and the solitude but at the same time she wasn’t alone, she was with Nathan and Gabriel and that she appreciated most of all.
 She knew that they live still. Nathan being the tree supporting her back, Gabriel… perhaps in that gentle beautiful grass covering the slope, or perhaps in Nathan, who undoubtedly found him in the Essence and united with him.
 She also knew that she was not the only one who knew they are living. Celia comes here to Nathan and reads to him, now opting mostly for poetry. She wouldn’t have done that if she thought that no one would listen.
 * * * she returned to the boy who she had grown to be close to, not like a son, not like a family, but probably indeed as a teacher and guardian. Feeling responsible for him. And the boy was then even more alone than ever before.
 But he found the way to the Essence. And he is not lost, but is found. Although horribly wounded. And he is never alone any more. They are finally together.
 But why does it still feel so sad? Why does it still bring tears to my eyes?
 Tomomi was watching stars appear in the clear sky, leaves of the tree she was leaning on quietly rustled and the grass felt warm.

 Just as when he was a child – he was learning from nature then, and he was learning from it now and learnt it inside him, and that’s how he has found his way…

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朝視~2017年12月23日 昼12時半ごろ

 Tomomi is sitting on a grass slope. It’s midsummer, a week after Nathan’s twenty-second birthday. She is sitting under a gnarled tree, leaning into it with her back and watching the river flow in the nicely beaming at its waters sunshine. There’s nature all around and all around is full of life. And the grass of the hill is so bright and green and the tree is so strong. But she can feel with her back the horribly scarred skin of the bark as she presses into it in her grief.
* * * it is a sad place with all the memories * * * but the sun shines and everything is calm and at peace, and you’re together * * *, but in a slightly different form.
 You’re finally one. It’s a happy place.

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朝視~2017年12月17日 朝11時ごろ


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朝視~2017年12月16日 午後6時半





“I was just a kid. She chained me up in a cage, beat me…” And I think of all the times she hit me and used her Gift against me. “I tried to kill myself because of her, Gabriel. I was just a kid.”



I’m trying to keep light and happy for Gabriel. I need to ignore Nesbitt but when I reach for more bread I see my hand and all the scars on it and the black tattoo and I want to scream at Nesbitt that it hurt, that every scar I have hurt, and my body is covered in scars that have healed quickly but they all hurt, and I can’t say about any of them, “No harm done”.




So much for white witches.

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朝視~2017年12月11日 夜(11時ごろ)


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Вчера я закончила читать 『闇の守り人』.
А сегодня я прочитала послесловия автора. По словам Уэхаси Нахоко, эта история, как и другие, родилась в ней подобно ветру, развевающему волосы. Думая о прошлом Барсы, которого та слегка коснулась в разговорах с Чагмом, перед глазами писательницы встала горная цепь, в небе над заснеженными вершинами которой кружили орлы. На протяжении всей истории писательница задавалась вопросом: с какой целью я это пишу? Она не ощущала себя писателем. Скорее, она была путешественником, которая вместе с Барсой вернулась на ее родину и с интересом узнавала страну, открывшуюся перед ней, ее обычаи и образ жизни, ее уклад.

Я задумалась.
Можно проводить свободное время играя в компьютерные игры. Болтая часами с друзьями. Сидя в Интернете. Отнюдь не плохое времяпровождение.
Однако если бы Уэхаси Нахоко отдала бы предпочтение этому времяпровождению, не появились бы эти чудесные книги повести о "Хранителе". Если бы она предпочла путешествиям в загадочные удивительные страны другое, несколько ленивое времяпровождение, мы не узнали бы ни об их уникальной культуре, ни о людях и событиях, о которых, как кто-то, возможно, подумал по прочтении, он хотел бы помнить в своем сердце.

Может и мне попробовать отправиться наконец в путешествие по тому миру, который уже давно открывает передо мной свои двери и только ждет, когда же я буду готова шагнуть навстречу ему.

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