It was a terrifiic weekend. Starting with the Sataday morning and up till 4 o'clock in the morning after Sunday I have been reading an awesome story - manga by Yoshiki Nakamura "Skip Beat!", a story that is still being continued and to which I never fail to return.
I started my acquaintance with this story back in scholl days when watched with friends an anime based on it. It was marvellous: both immensely funny (at times it felt as if we were going to laugh ourselves out) and really sad (we couldn't help empathizing the characters). It was full of ups and downs, struggle with circumstances, challenges to one's own weakness. It was exuberant with some sort of a blazing bright energy, vigour, the desperate desire to achieve once decided goal, the ultimate ambition to excel in the work you've chosen.
Or is it the work that chose you?
The anime introduced me to the world of its manga for I couldn't stop caring about the characters I've met and the story continued long after the end of the series. The book proved as awesome as anime. It grew more and more deep, with you lerning the past of the characters, their motives, their so creative but troubled, vulnerable but strong nature. They are all different, every one meticulously portraited and stand before your eyes as if you yourself are talking to them. They share with you their experience, you know their feelings and unspeakably wish for them to succeed. And they teach you. Subtly, each in his or her own way. They teach you something that one day you might realise was an indispensable thing in your life.
Does this story contain some philosophical message? I think not. It simply shows the people, their lives, their struggle, their development and growth, the relationship they built. Their inner world. The story just portraits the world itself but in its charismatic and truly unique way.
I finished reading today in the small hours of the night (what was left of it). The energy that filled my body made me smile, it felt very warm and light inside.
I can't wait the continuation.
And I'm really glad that I happend to find this manga in Japanese. Still reading the latest chapters in Russian I fully apprishiated the quality - indeed I did - of the translation. Thanks to the volunteers very much!

"Столкнувшись с этой работой, я расширила свой тесный мирок. И новый опыт, и связь с разными людьми - все это дает мне силу жить. Та девушка, что когда-то жила в Киото... я и не думала, что она может, несмотря на ошибки, отважиться что-либо сделать. За все, что произошло, что подтолкнуло меня навстречу этой работе, я благодарна". (Перевод - LME)

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